Online gambling sites are attracted to New Zealand. Online companies are eager to take advantage of the existing market for gambling enthusiasts in these two countries. New Zealand has seen internet gambling grow in popularity, but little is known about the market as it has not been fully regulated.

The Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand investigated the matter and published a fact sheet that illustrates the popularity of internet gambling in New Zealand. The report shows that between 8% and 10% of New Zealanders engage in online gambling. This includes online casino games and mobile gambling. This category also includes television gambling.

Although very little information about New Zealand’s online gambling industry is available, some studies have provided some insight. It seems that Maori people are more likely than others to gamble online. 17% of all online gamblers are from Maori descent. Another study shows that online gambling is also popular among young men of Asian descent.

According to the country’s online gambling laws, only government-regulated companies are allowed to provide internet gambling services. TAB Corp and New Zealand Lotteries Commission are the only operators that can do this. So while it is legal for residents to play online roulette, online slot machines, and other casino games offered internationally, they could be fined for providing their services to the country.

Although New Zealand appears to have strict guidelines regarding online gambling, things are changing. TAB Corp had been the sole company licensed to offer online gambling in New Zealand for years. However, the government recently granted the New Zealand Lotteries Commission permission to create its online gambling website. In addition, the new NZ Lotto allows players to buy tickets online and play online casino games. This is a significant step forward in the New Zealand gambling market.

Easter Island Slots

Yggdrasil designed the Easter Island slot machine. One of the most popular software developers for web betting platforms. Yggdrasil games are characterized by the following:

  • Its excellent graphics
  • High-quality animations
  • Interesting topics
  • The thousands of opportunities they give to generate profits.
  • In this slot, users will find a game of superior quality that stands out. The theme Yggdrasil has chosen for this game is exciting and fun. In this way, this game is ideal for players, as they will find entertainment and many prizes.

Easter Island Slot Layout

Easter Island’s design is based on Easter Island and its giant stone statues. This island is located in the Pacific Ocean, belongs to Chile, and has been named a World Heritage Site. All this leads to the theme of this game being interesting.

The screen of this game brings a natural and beautiful panorama. But it also includes a sunny sky, small animals, some moai, and stone statues. On the reels, a variety of animals and shapes of cards are observed—all with a very striking tribal style.

The Easter Island slot animations are excellently crafted and are watchable at all times. From the intro to the celebration for each winning sequence. The audio design is essential, giving the game a fun and festive atmosphere.

Also, this game is very smooth and compatible with all operating systems. This game does not require software installation on your computer to enjoy it.

Playing Easter Island Slot

Easter Island slot machine has five reels, three reels, and 27 pay lines. So the profit opportunities are excellent. Additionally, the game offers the bettor the option to improve their prizes through symbols awarded with:

  • rail extension
  • multipliers
  • Free shots
  • Bonuses and much more.

Users can select between €0.04 and €8 for each pay line when placing bets. The return percentage in this game is 96.1%. Therefore, the maximum investment amount in a single spin is €200.

This game is very profitable, as well as entertaining and exciting. The player needs to subscribe to the platform to play this slot for real money and place bets. Take advantage and enjoy the welcome bonus that we offer you by playing the Easter Island slot machine.

Easter Island Slot Bonus Features

All sorts of great bonus features are available when you play Easter Island Slots. There are three unique features that you can trigger randomly throughout the game:

  • Symbol Swap Respin: all low-paying symbols are sucked up and replaced with high-paying symbols. A re-spin is then granted.
  • Expanding reels: a four-of-a-kind win awards a 5-reel tall respin, and a five-of-a-kind win awards a 7-reel tall respin
  • Expanding Wilds: wild symbols can expand to fill the entire second and fourth reels

The three base game features are interesting and exciting enough to keep you entertained as you play. There isn’t a free spins round or off-screen bonus, but you won’t miss either. All of these bonus features can be combined to trigger some fantastic prizes.