If summer time to you is mainly about the abundant sunshine and the fresh and tasty fruits, then you will definitely have a great liking for the summer time slot developed by Microgaming. High on the developer’s priority list concerning the symbols are plums, watermelons, oranges and lots of good vibes that complete the joyful summer holiday.

This together with the diamond and also the gold symbols plus the beach scatter symbol gives you the basic layout of the screen found on this slot. Summertime is very similar to the super it up slot.

Summertime has 9 paylines and is a video slot with a fruit theme. It operates on famous Microgaming software.

Present in the game are wild multipliers represented by the summertime symbol, and also the scatter symbol which is the beach. Players who are interested are free to try out the game can enjoy it on this particular page or they can choose amongst licensed Microgaming casinos like All Slots Casino, Ruby Fortune, JackpotCity and many more.

Playing Summertime

Maybe it is not summer wherever you are but at summertime slot it is always summer. Therefore the only requirement is that you place your bet and then you can start spinning the reels. If by any chance you put a winning combination together you can go all the way to the gamble game by simply pressing the gamble icon that is visible on the control keys.

Wild Symbol and Multiplier for Summertime online slot

The main icon in the summertime slot is the sun setting beyond the sea. This awesome icon is also the wild icon in this online casino video slots game.

This simply means that if you get a symbol together with the sunset symbol or if you find the same symbol twice on a payline then you win instantly.

The wild icon which is represented by the sunset icon can replace the watermelon and you can get at least 4 water melons on your payline.

The tasty watermelon may be a generous symbol by giving at least 50x the initial bet you placed. However it is much more than just that. It can also multiply your stake 2x. Therefore if you have 3 watermelon symbols and a sunshine symbol between the first two water melons, the winning amount will be atleast 2x the payout that you should have had. This is actually the same as giving you 100 coins for every coin that you had staked on the particular Pay line, this is a pretty big win found on a slot.

And you should always remember that along with being a multiplier and wild symbol, Summertime Sunset is a winning slot machine symbol as well. If you get two of them, means two sunsets on any payline, you will get 10 times of your bet amount. Three of them will give you even more, 4 will give lot more. And if you are lucky enough to get five Summertime Sunset symbols in your pay line, it will make you enjoy online slots jackpot where you will get 10,000 coins for evert single coil you place bet on.

Enjoy the freshness of fruits

As much as summertime is one of the classic slot games and greatly relies on elements that are well known to everyone, it is certainly not so big on the graphics front. Therefore on the background you will simply find a blue colored sky that has become synonymous with the sky at summer time meanwhile the reels roll seamlessly in the front. The control buttons have rectangular shape and also very colorful, arranged very neatly at the lowest part of the screen. Summertime may not leave a lasting impression because the theme that is all too common and also the graphics which are just standard but we can analyze the game play and will get amused with many ways it surprises us.

So many fruits to enjoy

Fruit machines was the name by which slot machines used to be called if you check in the history of slot machines. Actually in places like New Zealand the term that is commonly used to refer to slot machines is still online fruit machines. It is a common knowledge that one of the strongest points of the summertime are the sumptuous summer fruits which are available on the slot. This shows that this online slot not only has the history of slot machines but it also incorporates the theme of the summer season which comes with a lot of juicy fruits like the cherries, the watermelon, the lemons, the oranges and the plums. All that is fruits are incorporated as the symbols found on this online slot. A good thing is that they are all capable of creating a Payline that leads to a win and also at the same time so appetizing and luscious.

Simplicity is the best

Lack of experience is very common among the players who are interested in this game to make them now fully involved. This is exact reason why we have offered you a chance to have free sessions. This coupled with cool music from the background will definitely help you relieve yourself of the burden of the days filled with cold and the warmth that comes with summer will help lift your spirits.

Great prizes that come in form of the icons and also the bonus features make for a great satisfaction and players can complete it with utmost triumph, this together with the free spins that allow players to win over and over creates the probability of winning to get high profits from the game. Every income received separately with the assistance of the underlying feature can also be increased. But also completely losing the money that is lost already can be sufficed to get you out of it.


Summer is mainly about rest, and precisely that is what this online fruit machine gives us. The rules are basically as easy as you see them and the bonus features also have nothing beneath them that cannot be understood.

In any case you would like to try the real money option and not the free mode, the free spins , the wilds and also the scatters will bring the NZD50000 jackpot closer with every play. This is not only enough for a vacation you’ve dreamt of but it is also enough to buy a decent home for the summer time.

Go to any of the various online casinos powered by Microgaming and try this awesome and paying tasty fruit machine now.

Dive into the Vibrancy of Summer: The Summertime Slot Beckons

Ever been lost in the sprawling landscape of online slots? Well, you’re not alone. Amidst this sea, however, lies a gem: Microgaming’s Summertime slot. A beautiful concoction of yesteryear charm and modern tech brilliance, it does more than just spinning reels – it evokes feelings.

Let’s talk graphics. No, it’s not avant-garde. But, there’s beauty in its simplicity. An azure sky, reminiscent of those endless summer days, juxtaposed with fruits bursting with color on the reels. And these fruits? More than mere eye candy. They’re gameplay enhancers, upping the thrill quotient.

Now, pause. Hear that? The gentle, lilting background score wafting in, reminiscent of lazy afternoons under the sun. Summertime isn’t just another game; it’s almost… poetic.

Versatility’s its middle name. New to the world of slots? Summertime welcomes with open arms, even offering free sessions for that initial toe-dip. Veterans, seeking that adrenaline jolt? There’s a potential NZD50000 jackpot dangling, just waiting to be snatched.

Let’s touch on bonuses – a sore point for many a modern slot. They’re often tangled messes, leaving players befuddled. Not Summertime. It’s delightfully straightforward, allowing players to, well, play.

Wrapping up, Summertime is a nod to classic fruit machines, infused with contemporary zest. It’s not just about the spins or wins. It’s about the nostalgia, the potential jackpot, the sheer joy. A slice of summer, waiting to be relished. Why wait? Spin it now!